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May 30, 2024

Building Trust: The Foundation of Persuasive Communication

In the world of persuasive communication, trust is everything. Without it, even the most well-crafted arguments can fall on deaf ears. Whether you’re trying to convince a client, lead a team, or share scientific findings, building trust with your audience is essential. Here are some thoughts on how you can establish and maintain trust to enhance your persuasion skills.

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May 22, 2024

Unleashing the Power of Creativity - Persuasion in Advocacy

In the realm of advocacy, persuasion is the heartbeat of progress. Whether advocating for justice, environmental sustainability, or corporate responsibility, the ability to sway minds and inspire action is paramount. Yet, in an era saturated with information and competing narratives, how can advocates rise above the noise to make a lasting impact?

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Eurovision vs. EU Lobbyists

Eurovision vs. EU Lobbyists: more similar than you might think.

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Demystifying AI in Brussels Lobbying: Understanding the Role and Impact

Within the intricate ecosystem of Brussels, where politics converges with policy and innovation, a new protagonist has stepped onto the stage: artificial intelligence (AI). As lobbyists and policymakers navigate this dynamic environment, understanding the role and impact of AI in lobbying has become increasingly crucial.

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Building Bridges: The Art of Coalition-Building in EU Advocacy Efforts

In the bustling corridors of Brussels, where EU policymakers shape the future of Europe, the ability to wield influence is often measured not by individual prowess but by the strength of alliances. In this web of politics and policy, coalition-building emerges as an art form—an essential strategy for advancing shared interests and effecting meaningful change.

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Being a Brussels intern is not all fun and joy

An average intern at the European Commission is 26 years old, speaks four languages and has two diplomas. Interns working in Brussels recently (July 2013) held a protest for better work conditions and pay. Some people make more than EUR 1,000 a month, but most of them work without pay for months. A report on ‘life as an intern’ from the capital of the EU.

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Should EU regulatory professionals start engaging in social media?

24 May 2013 was a sad day for pesticide makers in Europe and a great victory for environmental NGOs. It was on that day that DG SANCO of the European Commission passed an implementing regulation aimed at reducing and stopping the bee population’s decline, alleged to be caused in large part by pesticides containing so-called neonicotinoids.

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Bono on an anti-corruption tour at the EU

According to Bono, a real breakthrough has been achieved in the fight against corruption. The rock-star-turned-human-rights-activist was led to such enthusiasm by the EU passing new transparency regulations on April 10, 2013. The new laws stipulate that European companies that are active in the oil, mining and logging industries have to report any payment of more than EUR 100,000 that they have made to foreign governments or government agencies, even if this was in the form of taxes, royalties or other fees.

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