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GPT: Eager, Smart and Ignorant

There are the 3 strengths/weaknesses of #GPT: it's eager, smart, and ignorant.

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The EU's "Strategic Agenda 2024-2029"

The EU's "Strategic Agenda 2024-2029" has just been released. Aside from pundits, does anyone care?

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Jun 25, 2024

How to Use AI to Reach Your Target Audience

I wonder how my message will resonate with [fill in the audience]?

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Why #AI and #GPT are Radically Different from Traditional Software

Excellent summary on why #AI and #GPT are radically different from “traditional” software.

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Navigating the EU Elections: Building Bridges with New MEPs in Brussels

With the 2024 EU elections ushering in a fresh cohort of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), Brussels will find itself amidst a whirlwind of change and opportunity. Engaging with these newly elected representatives will be more than just a matter of politics — a chance to shape the foreseable future of Europe.

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Demystifying AI in Brussels Lobbying: Understanding the Role and Impact

Within the intricate ecosystem of Brussels, where politics converges with policy and innovation, a new protagonist has stepped onto the stage: artificial intelligence (AI). As lobbyists and policymakers navigate this dynamic environment, understanding the role and impact of AI in lobbying has become increasingly crucial.

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Building Bridges: The Art of Coalition-Building in EU Advocacy Efforts

In the bustling corridors of Brussels, where EU policymakers shape the future of Europe, the ability to wield influence is often measured not by individual prowess but by the strength of alliances. In this web of politics and policy, coalition-building emerges as an art form—an essential strategy for advancing shared interests and effecting meaningful change.

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Will My Savings Be Safer With the Banking Union?

How should one imagine the planned EU banking union? Will there be one or several united or merged banks in Europe forming a genuine union? Definitely not. Banking union means something different, namely the building and operating of an integrated banking system, such as the one that exists in the USA. If a local bank in a US state experiences huge losses and/or becomes insolvent – i.e. it cannot refund its depositors –, in the process threatening the entire banking system, it is a natural occurrence there for federal institutions to intervene.

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Mar 8, 2013

Grexit Out, Brexit In?

Remember the famous saying of George Soros, the Hungarian-American billionaire? He once said during the euro crisis that the euro is an “omelette”. He meant that even if the common currency area has a number of systemic flaws that have been revealed during the crisis, it is hard or even impossible to abandon the euro and for members to return to their respective national currencies. Now it seems that Europe as a whole will stay with this omelette, and will not try to put the eggs back in their shells.

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